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Double Dragon eBooks Publishes Heroic Fantasy Series, The Valerian Chronicles, by T.R. Rankin

The two lower panels illustrate episodes in the text, anecdotes about Roman religion. On the left, a young priestess kneels before an altar of Ceres, the Roman goddess of the grain, in an image that resembles scenes of Christian faithful kneeling before the Virgin Mary. In the lower right panel, where a Roman priest loses his cap and then his office, the cap is shaped like a bishop's miter, and the temple in the background has the distinctive architecture of a Gothic church.

In the upper two panels, the ancient past and medieval present are brought into closer comparison. On the left, the translator Simon de Hesdin presents his text to the seated Charles V.

Interesting facts about First Christian Emperor Constantine

On the right, the seated figure is the Latin author Valerius Maximus, and the standing figure before him the Roman emperor Tiberius, to whom the Latin text is dedicated. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Additional Views 1. The king ordered that the question be asked whether what he had in mind could be done. After consultation Attus replied that it could.

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Without hesitation the Augur cut it. From then on Augurs enjoyed great trust and authority in Rome.

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A statue was set up to Navius with a whetstone and razor. When preparations for revolution were under way, Ti. Gracchus sought auspices in his home at dawn, which gave him very unfavourable answers.

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