The Wall: The Peoples Story

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The Story of How Techno Unified Post-Wall Berlin

There was just this old tramp asleep on a bench with a bottle in a brown paper bag. Even if he saw. I looked down over the wall, and the tide was out, and I could just see a shopping trolley in the mud. That gave me a laugh.

Berlin Wall

Someone would find it and report it. Would the person who lost the human ashes please come to the information desk. Better again if I put him on a shelf. In the pickles section. Or in the fridge with the soups. If I could get one of those stickers.

I remember my late mother saying once, That man of yours knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Everybody says that about accountants. I remember thinking, That one missed me. Then someone was helping me up.

Berlin Wall - History, Dates & The Fall - HISTORY

It was the tramp. The tramp pointed up the street, and I saw the boy who hit me. He was running and throwing things. The things were from my handbag. Bits of paper. My mobile went over the wall into the river. Some of the death certs were going up on the wind. I could see one drifting over the wall. I started to run but my back and shoulders hurt. I had to stop. All of a sudden I had a bad headache. The tramp started to run too, and he got about three feet ahead of me. Now he was leaning on his knees wheezing. We walked. We did not say anything to each other. I was thinking, Why is this tramp walking with me? When we reached the place where my bits started, I found my car keys.

I saw the certs going upriver. The tide was coming in. They were just floating.

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I found myself shaking his hand. I never touched a tramp before. I let go as soon as he let me. My late husband would have thought about the cards first, then the phone. It was stupid. Suddenly I thought, I have only this old man. Even at the funeral they were all laughing behind my back.

I had the ashes in the boot of the car. It was in the car park. I could be back in five minutes. Or stuck in the bank. He might even drift up some disused sewer and spend the rest of his days hoping nobody would flush. At that moment I felt on top of things. It was the end of a stressed-out week. Waking up in the morning and finding your husband dead in the en-suite is no joke.

He had his pyjamas down around his ankles. That was before he was famous. He grinned. His upper false teeth fell down, and he closed his mouth quickly. After a bit of chewing, he said, Lost them before that way. I went to the police station first. I told the duty officer about my bag.