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Human Co-redeeming with the Divine Redeemer? Jesus is our divine Redeemer, our divine Mediator, our divine Advocate. But what of humanity?

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Is the human person, created, finite, and fallen, in any way able to share, to participate, to co-operate in the sublime mystery of Redemption accomplished by the divine Redeemer? Has the divine Redeemer, in yet a further manifestation of his infinite mercy and generosity, beyond the Redemption itself, granted to the human individual the capacity to actually participate in the divine activity of saving other human beings? John Paul II. Such is the generosity of the Heart of Christ, who seeks to include his beloved disciples in the greatest of his divine acts, which is precisely human redemption.

This evangelical outlook especially highlights the truth concerning the creative character of suffering. This good is in itself inexhaustible and infinite. No man can add anything to it. But at the same time in the mystery of the Church as his Body, Christ has in a sense opened his own redemptive suffering to all human suffering. Does this mean Redemption accomplished by Christ is not complete?

It only means that the Redemption, accomplished through satisfactory love, remains always open to all love expressed in human suffering. Gal, perform a true, though entirely dependent role with Jesus,. Lumen Gentium. LG 60, 61, As Redemption is a dimension of the one mediation of Christ, the same principle applies to secondary and subordinate participation in the one Redemption of Jesus Christ.

Human co-redeemers in Christ, far from competing with or obscuring the dignity of the one divine Redeemer, manifest his glory as it mysteriously leads to a new distribution of the fruits of Redemption merited by Christ at Calvary.

Bishop Conley's Writings

The more humans participate in the one Redemption of Jesus, the more his infinite sacrifice becomes manifested and supernaturally fruitful as it is received by human hearts. Dear friends who are sick…entrust to [Jesus] every setback and pain that you face, so that they may become — according to his design — a means of redemption for the whole world. You will be redeemers with the Redeemer… We co-create with the Father.

We co-sanctify with the Spirit. While confirming the truth of Christian participation in the one sacrifice of Christ and its consequent mission of Redemption, the Catechism goes on to make clear that one human person participated in this mystery of Redemption like no other:. This is achieved supremely in the case of his mother, who was associated more intimately than any other person in the mystery of his redemptive suffering.

If We, Then Mary. John Paul explains:.

Mary’s Role in the New Evangelization

She alone was associated in this way with the redemptive sacrifice that merited the salvation of all mankind. In union with Christ and in submission to him, she collaborated in obtaining the grace of salvation for all humanity. Thus, in a wholly singular way she cooperatd by her faith, hope, and burning charity in the work of the Savior in restoring supernatural life to souls. For this reason, she is a mother to us in the order of grace LG From her and from her alone, He took his flesh in the mystery of the Incarnation.

Christ could then redeem humanity and transform it into a higher state of being, because Mary offered Him a humanity in its most pure, immaculate form. Therefore, the work of Mary is also redemptive, even in anticipation of the Redeemer, but in a distinctly human way. But her cooperation did not end with the Incarnation. She endured the entire life mission-vocation of Redemption with her Son, from before his birth until after his agonizing death, with each suffering of her Son in heart and body having been experienced within her own maternal heart cf.

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LG The Council Fathers further testify in powerful expressions the co-suffering of the Mother with the Son; their union of heart and purpose, her sharing in the intensity of his suffering, and her coredemptive consent to the immolation of the Victim to whom she gave flesh for our Redemption:. Crucified spiritually with her Crucified Son cf. She has a right to it, first of all, because of her cooperation with our Lord in the same sense as the saints, but in a singular and superlative degree. She has a second right to it, which is particular to herself, because of the indispensable cooperation of her maternity.

She has a third right to it because of her sufferings…there is no other single word [than Co-redemptrix] in which the truth can be expressed. John Henry Newman, defended the theological legitimacy of the Co-redemptrix title to Pusey, particularly in light of the great richness of Patristic Marian teaching already accepted by his Anglican colleague:.

But what of the concern that the co-redemptrix title is neither biblical nor patristic? Mary Co-redemptrix is a development of Mary, the New Eve, as taught by the Fathers of the Church, with the additional understanding of a Christian soteriololgy more proximate to Calvary which developed by the tenth century. The Father of mercies willed that the Incarnation should be preceded by assent on the part of the predestined Mother, so that just as a woman had a share in the bringing about death, so a woman should contribute to life…Thus the daughter of Adam, Mary, consenting to the word of God became the Mother of Jesus.

Entirely different root titles would not fully express the intimacy, beauty and coherency of the one plan of Salvation shared between the Son and the Mother, between God and humanity, and consequently between Jesus and us as co-redeemers. Mary is Co-redemptrix with Jesus in the historical obtaining of the graces of salvation.


Mary is rightfully invoked in the Church as the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate, because only these three motherly titles combined express her whole mission with the Redeemer: to suffer and redeem with Christ, to dispense all graces of salvation from Christ, to invoke the coming of the Holy Spirit of Christ. Pope Benedict refers to Mary as the Aqueductus All the graces of Redemption flow through her heart and hands into the world, because more than anyone else, she is uniquely and totally united with the Divine Spring, her Son, Jesus Christ and his Cross.

Co-redemptrix Now. What, then, are the signs of our time?

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These signs can be found simultaneously in the headlines of contemporary media, as well as discussed in the private chambers of political, academic, and religious world leaders. While there are some legitimate signs of light and hope, there are also dominant signs of present darkness and potential destruction. Apart from significant differences on causes and moral implications of such signs, there seems to be a general global consensus that these grave present conditions could portend frightening historic consequences for humanity.

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To mention some of the most prominent:. The present worldview, particularly in the West, appears dominated by elements of rationalism, skepticism, materialism, consumerism, nationalism, hedonism, atheism, and secular humanism, all of which, it could be argued, to an unprecedented historic degree. What, then, is the remedy? Historic grace is the remedy.

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  6. A historic outpouring of grace is the remedy, and it is the only true remedy. Make this a family practice, too. Heart-to-heart and face-to-face conversations are still the best way to communicate. This also holds true in communicating the faith. It helps you set good spiritual and material priorities and makes you more grateful to God. It keeps you linked to the local church. As a Christian, you represent Christ, not the culture. It is the most mentioned phrase in the Bible. Pray it slowly, putting yourself there at the mystery and decade you are reciting.

    Discuss them with friends both Catholic and non-Catholic. Keep the discussion gentle, respectful, and passionate. Usually, a not-for-profit gets a discount and we can make certain the message is conveyed the way the Church would like it conveyed. Explain how knowing, loving, and serving God in this life and being happy with Him forever in eternity is your purpose in life. Give spiritual direction as a friend…. We all need an objective shoulder to lean on.

    Be confident in stating that true love really does wait. The arguments are compelling from a physical health perspective, a Christian spirituality standpoint, and in encouraging true love.

    Invite co-workers, family, and friends to go with you. For ideas, speak to your pastor. Or work together with friends to support one through the diocese. Bring potluck snacks. Choose a movie with Christian themes or imagery, discuss the imagery afterwards. The Chronicles of Narnia series are a good place to start. They are also good for young families. The Lord of the Rings tr ilogy is great for young adults and older. Share several conversion stories. Combine it with a potluck. Invite them to your home for holidays, or visit them during the holidays.