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View 2 comments. Feb 12, Samyuktha Ell rated it liked it. You yes, YOU are one the main characters in this book! You are counting days to the Carnaval—touted as one of the grandest fiestas on the planet. You are a bit high on drinks and have gotten separated from your friends thanks to the pre-Carnaval crowd. There are non-stop drumbeats behind you—creating a sort of background score to the whole scene you are about to encounter.

While roaming the streets and taking in the sights like every other tourist, you stumble upon the dead body of a woman. Just across from her is a revolver with a note that simply says "Pick Me Up. Do you pick that gun up or just leave it there? Hence, I really was looking forward to reading it—for all the mystery and action. Once I started off with my first choice, I kept going ahead with the story not quite realizing how far I was moving ahead with it.

I quickly found that reading the book gave you this feeling that you are actually reading multiple books at the same time—given the innumerable choices you get to make throughout the book—each choice leading you to a different flow of the story. I found the writing style to be fresh. The tone of storytelling is quite youthful and upbeat.

To be quite honest, however, though I enjoyed clicking on the choices and seeing where they landed me in the story—toward the end—the available choices could not keep me engrossed. I am not implying that the story was not engaging enough. I just feel that the chapters could have been a little longer—just enough to flesh up the characters a little more—before the choices were sprung on me.

Can you take a taxi back to the hotel? Once you have reached the end of the book, it offers the reader a choice to start over with different choices.

Murder Mystery

But, I did not find both versions compelling enough for me to go through the next sets of options and see where the story went from there. I must add here that it is an interesting approach to mystery writing. One cannot deny that. However, it is the short length of the chapters and the lack of substantial character development that influenced my rating for the most part.

I wish the story gave more of an opportunity for the readers to get emotionally invested in the characters more.

However, I would like to stress that this is just my personal opinion, as I have seen many other sites showcasing 5-star reviews of the same book. So, I guess it is just a matter of personal preference. I think the book will resonate with the YA-lovers the most. Schannep employs a unique storytelling technique allowing the reader, by providing alternate options at the end of the chapters, to select how the story will unfold. How the story begins is the only consistent element of the story as Schannep weaves multiple twist and turns with as many outcomes.

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This is a story tree gone wild with as many branches as a thousand-year-old oak. The only way for the evolution of the story to work is for the reader to be the main character in the book as the options are based on how you, the reader, choose to go. I must give Schannep credit as creating this was no easy task. This would never have been an option pre-ebooks and he must have been thrilled to know he could exploit the capabilities in a new and unique way.

Again, considering how well he wove the multiple permutations I can let that and the few other inconsistencies slide. I think of it as Mad Libs for fiction. The story takes place in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil about a tourist who takes the wrong street only to find himself caught up in a murder investigation that winds up involving the local police, US state department and drug dealers.

It's a pick your path book where the next pages are based off of your decisions. The critical points Writing: James writes quite well, editing all matches up and I found there were many quotable areas along the journey. The great part about this book, even though I mistakenly killed myself I always die in pick your adventure books , there is always a reason to go back and start all over again.

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The chapters can be short and read in small chunks, perfect for travel or those looking for micro escapes. Story: The premise is great, finding out more and more about the lead character played by you as the story unfolds.

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The only thing was trying to get a sense of all the things he was encountering. It's hard to do in a fast paced ride like this one, but I only got some cursory feel for the area in the beginning. I'll probably find out more on my next run through. Characters: The characters all start to take more shape the further I read, but there wasn't a great sense of what makes most of them tick beyond putting my own imagination to it.

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If anything, I'd like to know more about the character we're set to follow around so I "know who I am" to some degree. Granted, my choices make me decide, but I'd like a little guidance in the acting my brain is doing. Appearance: I like the cover, it reminds me of a throwback drawn cover like murder mysteries used to have when I looked through my parents book shelves. It stands out and draws a reader in. This book is awesome in that you get to pick what is next after every chapter, and the longest chapter I had was 4 or 5 pages.

This book is almost like a game where you get to be Sherlock Holmes.


I went back to the beginning 3 times before I was happy at where I was headed. Sometimes I knew immediately what I wanted to do and sometimes I just closed my eyes and picked. Throughout this book I ended up as the murderer yes hangs my head in shame , I ended up being killed numerous times and in the e This book is awesome in that you get to pick what is next after every chapter, and the longest chapter I had was 4 or 5 pages.

Throughout this book I ended up as the murderer yes hangs my head in shame , I ended up being killed numerous times and in the end I helped solve the murder.

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I love a good long book but this one is fun. It is a book you can pick up one night and loose track of all time. I did receive this as a gift from the author for my honest review. I received this copy from a giveaway. The book looks promising and it's interesting because you feel like you're playing a game where you make your own decisions and change your path according to what you chose.

I just got one good ending and I thought that it was too fast, I think it should be a bit longer so I could enjoy more of the story before trying to get another ending. There were a few portuguese mistakes, but nothing that could change the enjoyment. The book is great and deserve to be I received this copy from a giveaway. The book is great and deserve to be read. A delightful fun read.

I adore the interactive and it's perfect for lovers of thrillers. I've died twice. Aug 01, jessica rated it liked it. Definitely an entertaining read. Mar 06, Remi Foliage rated it really liked it. I won! Here is said review.

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If you choose to stay with your injured teammate, go to page Sound fun? It is. Because the book is written for grown-ups, it includes a more complex plot, and some adult-themed content.