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Anyone with birthchart in hand can benefit from the wisdom and insight Steven Forrest brings to Pluto - no astrological knowledge required. Basic explanations of aspects, transits and progressions make it easy for anyone to gain all this book has to offer.


The author begins by exploring and discussing Pluto and its symbolism as a planet of repression, wounds, passion and intensity. He has Venus, ruler of his 7th, in his 2nd in Sagittarius. Which is the 8th of his partner and would account for his encounters, presuming he is describing himself. I was going to chime in and say, "I've got this square, too! Oh, for me, Steven is wonderful. I have "charisma.

I get lots of soul-shaping teachers, along with the occasional false guru with glib rationalizations who charges much too much.

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Thank-heaven I am not a woman with this aspect, as they are victims of maestros who prevent them from falling into their own, well-deserved pits of hell. Better fall into that pit and get it out of the way, darlin', your biological clock is ticking. Warped from pg. It might help to see what kind of classes Steven teaches. Reincarnation is generally assumed, but not a required belief for the system to work.

It's not the sort of astrology that I do but I am not everyone. There is Pluto in here somewhere.

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This book is termed the second edition, but the only new material is the new Introduction, in which Steven explicitly states he does not revise a book once he's finished with it. He uses the new Introduction to talk about Pluto's demotion to a minor planet, as well as making brief mention of Trojans, Kuiper-belt objects, Trans-Neputian Objects, etc. Seven Paws Press, pages. Read the book?

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Comment : From , an early treatise on Pluto, before it was eaten alive by the astro-pyschology crowd. What was that? Here is the conclusion of this book complete : When we learn to express the finest qualities of Pluto we will be able to annihilate negativities in our world, instead of each other FDR put it well: "Our earth is but a small star in the great universe.

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Yet of it we can make, if we choose, a planet unvexed by war, untroubled by fear or hunger, undivided by senseless distinctions of race, color or theory. She gives these key phrases for Pluto pgs. The underlying concept is that Pluto is both intense and collective, not individualistic. This book is only a sketch, but it is full of ideas that might repay study. AFA, 85 pages, paper. Pluto's alchemy: the gift 2.

Pluto - Sun alchemy 3. Pluto - Moon alchemy 4. Pluto - Mercury alchemy 5. Pluto - Venus alchemy 6. Pluto - Mars alchemy 7. Outer planet fusion zones. In the American Heritage Dictionary 3rd edition , alchemy is defined as either a medieval method of transmuting base metals into gold which is erroneous, by the way , or "a seemingly magical power or process of transmuting.

ISBN 13: 9780935127348

In the text of the book, she uses the word, "fusion" instead, which I think is clearer. This looks to be fairly pedestrian writing about Pluto, with all the usual ideas about reincarnation, death, regeneration, etc. Forrest is definitely one of the best writers on astrology out there for my money He also has a great sense of humor. I didn't really read all the "cookbook" sections. I'm currently going through transiting Pluto square natal Pluto send good vibes please!

If I were a practicing astrologer, I know this would be one of those books I would be constantly referencing when I had clients dealing with difficult Plutonian natal aspects or Plutonian transits. I know you're jealous. As would anyway be expected of any work by this author, this is an exceptionally thorough look at Pluto, the dreaded and often times lonesome planet and god of the underworld. I very much enjoyed the structure of this book, exploring different facets of Pluto, which he calls Navigational Erros, Descent into Hell, and Inner Fire, amongst others.

He uses clear, simple, smart and to the point analogies which help us to understand the role that Pluto may take in our lives, its purpose, and how it al As would anyway be expected of any work by this author, this is an exceptionally thorough look at Pluto, the dreaded and often times lonesome planet and god of the underworld.

He uses clear, simple, smart and to the point analogies which help us to understand the role that Pluto may take in our lives, its purpose, and how it also helps us find our own purpose. There is also the traditional cycle through the signs and houses, and here again a very in-depth look at what it means to have Pluto in every different position, with an additional, fleshy chapter on aspects, with emphasis on houses, which are obviously the most diverse in a lifetime with such a slow planet. This is followed by excellent cues on how to read and deal with Plutonian triggers, such as transits and progressions.

There is also a classical overview of several celebrity charts with, as ever, in-depth analysis of Pluto and what it meant in those different lives. The closing chapter has a surprising, innovative and experimental outlook on the Solar System: a suggestion on how to re-evaluate entirely how we see this system, as we all know that Pluto is definitely not the last astral body wandering around our solar system, and how we should possibly take this into consideration.

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Nov 17, Eleonara rated it it was amazing. Jun 06, Donna McGarry rated it it was amazing. Pluto also represents what gives meaning to our lives. It holds for us the transcendent urge to do something beyond eating, earning, lusting and aging. Written in Steven's articulate yet down home style, this b "Pluto is the part of human awareness that connects with the darkest, most tragic, most desolate perceptions a person can endure Written in Steven's articulate yet down home style, this book is for the novice as well as the experienced astrologer.

The book carries the same resonance as a kitchen hearth visit with a childhood friend. You can have some laughs as well as tears while excavating and exploring some long buried emotional issues. The book examines your Pluto placement, asks you to ponder your wound, then offers excellent suggestions for healing. There are intricate delineations of Pluto in sign and house, as well as transits, progressions and aspects to other planets. Insightful and thought-provoking this is a must read for anyone who yearns for self-knowledge and their purpose in this world.

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