Running for Cover (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Heroes for Hire, Book 1)

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Could you share some of the key moments with us? Fiction was what I really wanted to write but amidst all the child rearing and running a book shop, time to write was hard to come by. I went on to write four more before my plot lines were becoming far too complicated and I wanted to write about real women. Your Lancashire routes have provided a strong background for your Sagas. Indeed I have, many times.

My grandmother was the spark for Big Flo in Polly Pride. And the idea for the story came from my Great Aunt Hannah, who did exactly as Polly did and sold or pawned her furniture in order to buy a piece of carpet from a ship in Liverpool. Then she cut it up and sold the squares on the market. Family stories may be the inspiration, but the story is fiction. I often advise new writers that in order to succeed you need to be determined and dedicated. You seem to have these attributes in abundance as you have owned a small holding and a bookshop as well as becoming a successful writer and now live in an olive grove in Spain.

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Do you have a strong work-ethic, which you apply to your writing routine? I dare say that is true, maybe I inherited it from my grandmother, and a long line of Lancashire and Yorkshire weavers. But then I love my work so it is no hardship to spend hours each day at the job. I put my heart and soul into my stories, which is absolutely essential. You must lose your inhibitions and be entirely sincere, but yes, it does take hard work and dedication. Your fictionalised biographies must need meticulous research, even more so than historical sagas.

How long do you spend researching a new project? Roughly how long do you take to write a completed first draft? When I reach a certain stage with my work in progress, I start a little preliminary research on the next book, which gradually builds, taking several months altogether. All my books demand a good deal of research, for which I have a substantial library, plus interviews for my sagas. Breaking into the eBook market was another bold move, which has certainly worked.

Could you share any tips on how you made this a success? I entered the digital market back in , which were pioneering days for ebooks but I taught myself how to do the necessary formatting and put them up by way of experiment to see what would happen. Nothing much did at first but when the UK came on board in December and Santa Claus delivered a load of Kindles, they really took off. The more books you publish, the more you sell. But they must be good, page-turning stories, well-written and not rushed, error-free and properly edited with good commercial covers.

It all began back in when we bought a holiday home here, a little village house high in the mountains 20 kilometres from the coast. We fell in love with the village and found we were spending more and more time here, so finally bought a piece of land with an olive grove on it and built ourselves a house for our so-called retirement.

You have the best of both worlds — Would you share a couple of things that you love most about your home country and your new one? We do have the best of both worlds as here in Spain we can avoid the British winter. Almeria is the last designated desert in mainland Europe so in the daytime we can enjoy some sunshine and gardening, and as the nights grow cold we can light a fire and be cosy.

The Spanish people are very friendly and we have a good life here with many friends of all nationalities. Could you give a seasonal insight as to how Christmas in Spain varies to our traditional one in England? Some families will sing carols around the nativity scene which remains without the baby until the stroke of midnight.

What we would call Epiphany. Traditionally, this is when Spanish children get their presents, not on Christmas Day from Papa Noel, although these days some enjoy gifts on both days. After that I plan to write a sequel for Polly Pride , and also another biographical historical in my royal mistresses series about Sarah Lennox, who had the chance to marry George III, but blew it.

I do like to have lots to look forward to. Welcome to my blog, Nicola.

Running for Cover (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Heroes for Hire, Book 1)

I must confess that your childhood interests me. Was this where your love of history and academic research began? Thank you very much for inviting me to visit today! It was definitely inspirational. The house was surrounded by parkland too so we could run wild in the grounds and we could tell each other scary ghost stories on the dark winter evenings! I think that being in such a historic atmosphere intrigued me and sparked my curiosity; I wanted to learn about the house and its past occupants and from there my love of history developed.

I work as a guide and historian at Ashdown House, a stunning 17 th century hunting lodge in Oxfordshire. I show people around the house and give them a guided tour telling them about the history of the house and the Craven family who owned it. I also do lots of research into the history of the house. Your first Regency novel was published in What is it about this era that appeals to you so much? Like so may readers I started with the books of Georgette Heyer and their wit and the beautiful way that Heyer evokes the era really enthralled me. I love the elegance and the manners and the fascinating contrast between the outward show and the intense emotions that may be hidden beneath the surface.

One of the challenges for a writer is to find a way for those emotions to be expressed within the constraints of the behaviour of the time. I had a long journey to publication. My first book, True Colours, was twelve years in the writing because I was also working full time and could only snatch short periods of time to write. I re-wrote it twice more before they finally accepted it.

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There have been so many people who have inspired me. The writing of authors such as Mary Stewart and Daphne Du Maurier fired me with the desire to be a writer when I was in my teens. My teacher, Mrs Chary, inspired in me a huge love of history and for that I will always be grateful to her.

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I always knew that it was historical fiction that I wanted to write. The other big influence was my wonderful grandmother, whose collection of historical novels I devoured and with whom I watched costume dramas on a Sunday night! What triggered this change in location and direction? I do love travelling and have been lucky enough to visit some amazing places all around the globe.

One of my favourite places, though, is Scotland and I have wanted to set a book there for years. It was fascinating to research Scotland in the early 19 th century and see the similarities and differences in politics and culture compared with south of the border.

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It was huge fun to write the Scottish Brides trilogy! I have lots of exciting plans for next year. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and for sharing some of your unique experiences with us. When and where did your passion for writing begin? When did inspiration strike for your successful Wild Warriners Quartet? Is Regency your favourite period of history or are there others you want to set your future work in?

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Your historical research is impeccable. However, you keep the hero and heroine attractive and the dialogue accessible, whilst giving a flavour that is true to the period. Because even if she is done with men, she has to spend a lot of time with Ryder, and how can anyone resist a muscular, kind, loyal, attractive, and very strong bodyguard? Now I'm looking forward to Darius' story. Ryder is in Spokane, WA setting up his 4th security office.

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He meets his eventual best friend as he protects her from an explosion that took her friends life. Shelby owns a bakery in Spokane and was delivering pastries to her friend Maureen's home for her birthday. As she rings the doorbell, the house explodes killing Maureen, Ryder pulls up just as explosion goes off, saving Shelby's life It's not easy and there are lots of things that happen before the killers are apprehended and Ryder and Shelby know they've both been given a second chance at love I loved the story line, and all the charactors in this book.

Shelby is very independent, working hard at her bakery. She does not want to depend on Ryder to protect her. She does not want to fall for him. She had some bad relationships before, and is content to stay single. As the threats against her heats up, so is the growing emotion she feels for Ryder.

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She tries to run from her own feelings, but we all know we can't do that I really enjoyed this book. The old lady is this book made me laugh so many times.