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Celebrate the freedom it represents. It is a particularly American freedom that we should celebrate and practice more often. Ultimately I think this is a problem of media concentration. If there were dozens of cable channels and media outlets where one could hear a variety of views, then Fox News would simply be one of many.

All that said, thank you Prof. Lessig for contributing your time to the making of OutFoxed. I for one am eager to see this documentary. Small point — the filmmakers should be aware that Outfoxed is not in the Netflix system at all, which is a loss of many potential members of its audience, given the centrality of Netflix to the media consumption of many cost-conscious young people. Can we get a torrent of the film to pass around? Regardless of whether Fox leans right, left — well no one will accuse them of that, or remains neutral they do appear to be different that many other news organizations.

Popular, and 2. In the bullseye. The people can decide. I watch Fox News often, and while they may claim to have no bias, they obviously do. But the nice thing about it is their bias also sheds light on the biases of the other cable news sources, who seem to chant in unison. Google News is good for this too, since it chooses news sources without obvious bias, and you can get several points-of-view on the same story…after a while you learn to expect a certainl slant from each.

Now we can talk about the supposed liberal bias in the news industry Clinton News Network anyone?

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What Fox does is appalling and anti-democratic. We Americans mock and scorn other countries with state-sponsored television that feeds the populace propaganda, as we should. News programs were often seen as loss leaders for prestige within the journalism industry. Of course, everybody is biased to some extent. The issue is or should be trying to remain objective when conveying information.

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In addition, the Fourth Estate is supposed to keep an eye on government as very few Americans have the resources to do so on their own. In that regard, the press has abrogated its role as a watchdog and become a spokesman for the government. I watched the trailer and think its great. Every story on a news show is shaped by its writers and producers, who naturally have a point of view that drives the presentation.

I would prefer to see news channels and people… that derive their ideology from facts rather than deriving their facts from ideology. That goes for both sides of the so-called ideological fence. Generally, what I object to most about Fox News is the total disregard for civilized conversation that their hosts seem to project. All the host and the Republican guest attempt to shout down the other guest.

I cannot see how conversational terrorism and personal attacks do anything to raise the level of discussion. Having an entire news channel dedicated to that style of journalism does everyone a disservice.


I, for one, would love to see a conservative news channel where the discussion was civil and informative. Case in point, the southern Iowa hill country where I grew up. They are not, but they have gained a real foothold in areas that will be key in the November standoff. Fox squelched its own reporters for trying to expose what Monsanto did to promote RBT and cover up the evidence that it is a carcinogen. I agree with most of what many of you have said, but I would like to propose a different slant.

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Fox News is not the problem, it is part of the answer. Now wait, hear me out. I do not think any middle of the road news is good news. If you attempt to always be unbiased toward everything when you report, you end up reporting nothing of substance. The problem with Fox is that they do not state that they are conservative leaning. The public would be best served by having several news outlets that provide various points of view but inform the public as to their stance. Therefore, Fox is part of the answer, they are the conservative network, they should admit that.

Now we need their counterpart station. That is another issue. Interviews with Pappas are at Buzzflash. I watched the trailer; interesting that the soundbites are predominantly from opinion shows, not the news cast, that in one case the reporter was quoting someone and then asking a questions but it was presented as if it were his own comment. NBC has taken than dive far more dramatically.


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So where are we to get our news? Professor Lessig brings up two points. I completely agree with one and respectfully disagree with the other. First, I do think we should all make some effort to watch the movie. We should also make the effort to watch FOX News. We should form an opinion of our own. This documentary is exactly the sort of thing our founding fathers had in mind when they thought of the first amendment. Then look carefully at all of the face up suspects around the board.

If any are wearing this particular item and it was marked "green", you can eliminate them from the game.

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Place the Suspect card back in the box. If it was marked "red" - note that you may have a possible guilty suspect on your hands! Remove any suspect that is NOT wearing the item. Close the slider and then end your turn by placing the Clue marker face up on the space where you landed. Reveal two face down Suspect cards that are around the board. Then look at all of the face up clue markers that are on the board and check whether or not the suspects are wearing any of the items.

Use your memory to remember whether or not those items were marked "red" or "green" in the Clue decoder. If all three dice do not match the action that you chose by your third roll - uh ohl - the thief moves closer to the foxhole! Move the lox pawn 3 spaces forward on the fox path. This ends your turn. You have a strong suspicion of who is the guilty fox.

James K. Sebenius and Laurence A. Dealmaking Secrets from Henry Kissinger.

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