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The original plant came from Special Plants , a nursery whose owner, Derry Watkins, has an eye. Though it is special, it is not hard to grow as long as it has a sunny, free-draining position.

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It will start to flower in April and by the time it has peaked, in late May, it will be covered in ripening seedpods. Save a few for scattering in a suitable new position on the edge of things where there is light and air, and rip out the parent plant at the end of the second season. You will find it has seeded itself if it likes you and seedlings can be lifted and grown in a pot so you can give them to friends or bring them into the house. Matthiola perennis "Alba" is a far better plant than night-scented stock because it is perfumed in the day as well as by night, but a packet of Matthiola longipetala is always worth having in the drawer to sow at the base of pots close by the house.

Sow night-scented stock at three-weekly intervals throughout the summer, as flowering plants are in season for about three weeks before they go to seed.

Seed to flower is usually about six to eight weeks, so sow now for the summer holidays and the expectation that night-time will bring magic. Topics Gardening advice Dan Pearson on gardens.

Evening Scented Stocks Seeds – West Coast Seeds

Irrigate plants in the morning and place them in a part of the landscape that receives breezes to keep spores from proliferating. Excessive dampness also provides an attractive habitat to slugs and snails , which may feast on scented stock. Beer of vinegar traps are an easy and effective fix for these pesky cephalopods.

If you notice ants lingering around your plants, inspect them for aphids, which attract ants with their honeydew secretions.

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Aphids are very sensitive to insect soap, which you can use if natural predators like ladybugs aren't present. Scented stock is an obvious choice for the fragrant flower garden.

What is Night Scented Stock?

Put a container of scented stock on your front porch or deck, or wherever you spend time relaxing in the evening. You can bring a small container indoors to enjoy on grey, rainy days that aren't agreeable for outdoor activities. The shallow root systems of stock plants also make them ideal for planting over early spring bulbs like daffodils.

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Grow scented stock in hanging baskets to bring the fragrance even closer. Cinderella: Fully double white, lilac, and rose flowers borne on hyacinth-like clusters.

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How to sow seeds in a propagator. Reading up on your chosen plants will help you check that you have the space and suitable environment to help them thrive.

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When selecting seeds, it's important to find out:. Plenty of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers will germinate well when direct-sown. Some easy ones to try are:. As long as the soil is warm and moist, seed can be sown and it should germinate quickly. Drills are shallow lines made in rows in the soil, these can be made to the depth and length required for the specific seeds you are planting.

Stocks Night Scented

Sowing seeds in drills means you will end up with a more ordered row of plants, giving you a defined area of growth in your garden. Use a garden cane or a draw hoe to make a shallow drill in the soil. Use a piece of timber laid across the ground to keep you in a straight line. Sow the seeds into the drill evenly, following the specific instructions on the seed packet. For example, peas can be placed one at a time about 8cm apart.

Radish seeds can be lightly scattered along the drill, and these will require thinning after a few weeks, more about this later