Life in the Spin Cycle: The Almost Meaningless Search for Truth in Todays American Hype Culture

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Hansen said the west side would be under water, but in 40 years, not 20 years. Of couse in 8 years and 9 months the wather will only have risen slightly.


If you are and you graduated high school you should return your diploma — if you have a college degree you should demand a refund. If your measure is CO2 emissions you are incorrect as China already emits more than the US by a rather large margin. Heck, which island nations have been shrinking?

What can hyperpolyglots teach the rest of us?

Please tell us what island is depopulating due to climate change. And, by the way, there are substantial credible reasons to doubt the significance and reliability of the data and especially the claims of the climate consensus. Though no island nations are depopulating. I am a sceptic.

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Many alarmists react that way. They are fully committed to their biases, and do not like being disturbed. I do not see any need for CO2 reduction in society. The warming will be proven as a natural event in another 10 years when global temps do not continue to rise, imo. It is interesting to see somelike like this author state the above. If they backed out despite the big money in their pockets, then that should be a clue. Maybe it makes you question, then, the legitimacy of your AGW beliefs…? When we were growing up, we satat dinner listening to my dad. A most interesting man.

Dad attended all the U of Chicago physics lectures. At any rate, back in the s and s when it was all about global cooling, all Dad could do was chuckle.

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  • The environmentalists wanted all the CFCs removed from hairsprays and other propelled chemicals. That was accomplished, yet the hole in the ozone continued to wax and wane.

    Commotion in Moscow

    After all, we were still in a period of glaciation we still had glaciers , so we were already in a cooled period. But when it got nasty and became AGW, Dad went ballistic. Science is not settled until there is definitive proof it is—but there is no settled science in AGW, just the ravings of a lunatic fringe. He led the chase. Not a peep from the environmentalists! They believe on faith alone. And, of course, those researchers who were supportedbybthe government believed…or said they did. Those that openly admitted they did not list their research funding.

    I am ashamed at Americans who fell so hard and ignored all the scientists who said the AGW folks were wrong. When they will not discuss it and call you a denier of their god , that is not science. It makes me very sad for America and how the true intellectuals could long ago debate think our Founding Fathers , while today debate on a difference of opinion is considered heresy. Sad, sad days indeed… Intellectualism has died, and in its place is groupthink.

    My experience with the very religious, evangelists, has been favorable and I have had no bad experiences. Every time this has happened, I have never had a religious person assail me like the AGW crowd would do. So, to me the CCC movement is not a religion, it is a political movement hell bent on changing the world into whatever it is they want and their pseudo scientific climate change claim is a tool for making that change.

    Certainly, in the U. What kind of scientists will our schools turn out given that students are not exposed to the scientific rigor that you mentioned in your comment. The greatest tool governments and institutions have is fear, look at history, I believe it will prove out my statement. Thank you for your insightful and enlightened observations. I was impressed by your succinct observations. There is data to back this up coming from field biologists. The hard part is getting all the facts, though.

    Free Thought Lives

    The news media is really bad at doing science journalism. Yeah, yeah, I know. But it and the UAH blog were about the only ones to actually run the story. Imagine the reaction had those shots been fired at Al Gore instead. I sincerely doubt that any of those flooding your mailbox were brave enough to actually confront you face-to-face. The anonymity of the internet makes fierce sounding warriors out of scared, piddle-in-their pants, little children. I am so proud ofyou for the courage of your convictions. We are all being herded into groupthink and must relearn how to think for ourselves.

    Happy to see others doing the same—that is, thinking for themselves after doing their own research. Solar and wind were not used much due to intermittancy issues. I have no interest in going backwards in powering our life and nuclear is the only way forward at this time. The new Nuclear generators 4th generation?

    The problem is the approval processes, battles in the courts and population concern, stops many of them being built. The costs become prohibitive and the time wasted to get them started and then fighting to get them built is too much for most. The UK just had one cancelled due to huge cost blowouts. Unfortunately, the lunatics scuttled the project because they rarely understand the realities of efficiency, safety and lower emissions brought by modern engineering and equipment vs.

    They convinced a judge that we were scary. The article author commits many sins of omission and distortion. He makes tortoise deaths seem inevitable after describing the very mistakes that made it so. Almost all species that ever lived on earth are extinct. Nuke waste? Look at a satellite view of the deserts—solar farms are a trivial speck on the landscape.

    Battery tech is advancing rapidly. See Australia and Tesla PowerPacks, inertial storage, hot sulfur flow batteries, etc. Read some of the industry journals, hydropower, cleantech, etc. This guy is just virtue signaling, mostly. No numbers, bad comparisons.

    The 50 Worst Cars of All Time

    If so good for you. The big miss by the author purposefully is: the energy renewable? What is the real carbon and environmental cost of the manufacturing of the turbine? Is it better to take those tens of billions of dollars, and put them into research for hydrocarbon pollution remittance? Yes, the answer to our future power needs are a network of city sized nuclear powered electric generating plants.

    The technology is here now. The electrical transfer infrastructure is already in place. Feed into the existing power grid. In the mean time, invest in technology to capture and rationally dispose of the omissions from hydrocarbon fueled electricity generation. This is old by now. And you can use a molten salt reactor where if the temperature gets too high the particles separate from each other and the reaction stops. Good to hear somebody speaking about Thorium, when my son was an apprentice electrician about 20 yrs ago, they had to do a project on alternative energy and he chose Thorium.

    Boy was I wrong, you hardly ever hear about it. Show me a Thorium reactor making commercial power. Show me the liability insurance policy. Show me the bond assuring storage, recycle, or remediation of spent fuels. In a huge world of nuclear advocates and industry, they have not built one that a banker can finance. If you find it I will invest my money too.

    Best Of Dwight Schrute

    I may well be wrong as it was a long time ago when my son did his project on this, but here is an article about the process. The reactor power plant technologies that work with uranium work just as well with thorium. Thorium is actually much more abundant on earth than uranium.

    Sheila Fitzpatrick reviews ‘To See Paris and Die’ by Eleonory Gilburd · LRB 1 August

    Gen four reactors are already a reality — they are already in development and will be producing power commercially within just a few years. Several technologies are involved with the Gen Four reactors — including fast reactors, and molten salt reactors, and small modular light water reactors. MSR solve all of the safety problems associated with the common light water reactor, including the fact that they are fail safe and cannot melt down and they do not create long lived nuclear waste..

    They also are impossible to convert the fuel into highly enriched nuclear weapons grade material, so do not pose a proliferation threat. In any case, the licensing is already underway, Congress just enacted two laws last fall and in January of this year that streamline and simplify and reduce the cost of licensing new reactor plans.