Indian Ghost at Sutters Swamp (Kendall and Jamie Broderick Mystery Series Book 2)

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Schonberg, read by Alan Hewitt, 21 R. Lederer, read by Paul Clark, 10R. Included are case studies and some therapeutic sessions from marriage counseling interviews. The author confesses in the preface that her research led her from condemnation to belief that young people's high goals and moral courage are America's best hope. In container with: A Peck of Salt by Hough. Williams combines facts and com- I passion in this informative and helpful book about the mysteries of the heart. Thayer Gaston, read by Alan Hewitt, 17R.

Of special interest to music students and educators and therapists. For junior and senior high readers. Hough, read by Van Vance, 4R. In container with: The Movers and Shakers by Hanff. Wellman, read by Ryan Hal- loran, 3R. In container with: The Teen- ager and the Interview by Keefe. The Draft in America by Liston. Part III discusses the disease, its symptoms and treatment, and significant phases of current research. Carrie Marie, whose parents pressure her to stay home for college, makes a deal with them and a new swinging image for herself.

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Elsa and Jake who diet, hoping to lose misery and fat, find each other as a bonus. For junior and senior high girls. In container with: The Longest Weekend by Arundel. Governor of Jamaica. Sabin in his mountain cabin becomes even more baffling when Sabin's son informs Perry Mason that the profane parrot found in the cabin is not his father's parrot, but a substitute. An adventure of a marriage that holds fast to traditiona values. Soon after his ar rival it is obvious that someone wants hirr out of the way. An entertaining story o sex, romance, suspense, and corruption ir high places. The "dowager" is the city of Charleston where the scene is set.

The story catches the essence of human char- ' acters and the personality of a city. Later the monster turns upon his creator. Upon leaving she meets a young Easterner who has come to Arizona for his health. Copp, read by Randy Atcher, 4R.

The Boscome Valley Mystery

The McDonalds' beautiful daughter, Drucie, provides the love element. The adventure of their life together in the far north Canadian frontier with its hardships and joys is described. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. Deceived by white men at every turn, he 1 resorts in desperation to ancestral violence 1 as vindication.

For high school and adult 1 readers. The story follows a group of kib-! There they discover why they; have chosen to live this way. Ames, his entire life was transformed. A story of a happy marriage and fulfillment for two middle-aged people. Her plans, for a quiet summer of sketching and painting with her protegee, lone Watkins, go astray. The main characters are two mountaineers, old Matt and young Matt, a girl named Sammy, and Jim Lane who is young Matt's rival for Sammy's hand. He is having his own Jewish identity problems which beget tension for both of them. THE U. He despairs of attracting women and is weary of being humiliated by them.

The final novel. From Claudia to David, describes the couple's life in the Adirondacks where David is convalescing from tuberculosis. In container with: Hector Berlioz by Seroff. Johnson, read by Van Vance, 2R. Although the Chero- kees lost, Ross remained a guiding spirit for his people along the tragic "Trail of Tears" and during their forced settlement in Oklahoma. The settlers faced great difficulty with native Indians and severe internal conflict before Delaware joined the other 12 original states in declaring independence in A weekly plane and a yearly supply boat are its only links with the rest of the world.

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In container with; Return to Hiroshima by Lifton. Seroff includes some critica comments on Berlioz' compositions.

Fo grades In container with: Beetho ven by Jacobs. In container with: Shirley Chisholm by Brownmiller. Terzian, read by Richarc Braun, 3R. His chief fame, however, came from living for many years as a chieftain among the Crow Indians. Details of Rocky Mountain trail life and of Indian customs enrich this adventure. Cook, read by Milton Metz, 3R. Atwater, read by Richard Braun, 2R.

In container with: The Drummer Boy by Garfield. The peanut's South American origin, its value as a food, and its numerous other uses, many of which George W.

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  • Carver discovered, are noted. An account in a nutshell for grades The colonial period is highlighted by a vivid chapter on everyday life in town and country and by inclusion of such people and events as William Penn, Ben Franklin, Daniel Boone, The French and Indian Wars, and the influential pre-Revolutionary newspapers of the colony. For grades 5- 8. Lifton's account is for both older readers who remember Hiroshima and younger ones who do not. Reading level—5th grade. The author relates how Mrs. In container with: Peanut by Selsam. Background material on the everyday life of our early frontiersmen for grades In container with: Young Scientist and the Doctor by Barr.

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    Describes the contents of a typical doctor's little black bag, which may weigh more than 10 pounds! In container with: Young Scientist and the Dentist by Barr. This addition to the series of high interest, easy reading books may appeal to readers in grades In container with: The Overland Launch by Hodges.

    A Full Length Broderick Mystery

    Her cake is successful and light—so light that it rises to the sky, taking the Duchess up into the clouds with it! An amusing addition to the series of high interest, easy reading books. Wilder's death in , the manuscript of The First Four Years has been published without revision. An addition to the series of high interest, easy reading books which may appeal to readers in grades as well as older readers.

    Their proposed play turns into a rock festival, which evolves into a rodeo starring Galileo, an eccentric horse with a sense of humor! His whole family is dealing with a hated family of collaborators while also protecting a hidden Jewish family and an underground fighter.

    In container with: A Star to the North by Corcoran. On her first outing, while she and Pamela are playing the stair game, little Mona falls through a crack in the stairs, far away from the sun, the nest, and her family. Collaborating with the U. In container with: Brogeen and the Bronze Lizard by Lynch. New- bery Medal. Not to be outdone by an old man, the boys tackle a shipwrecked houseboat, a spooky spelunking trip, a wild ride down the Mer- rit Parkway, and a haunted house in their search.

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    In container with: The Money Machine by Robertson. In container with: The Long Journey by Corcoran. The story of their adventure was sung around campfires by other pioneers to keep their spirits up. For grades K Faith Baldwin shows how each month has its legacy and how every moment of every hour brings a harvest. Bjorn presents appropriate menus and recipes for various months of the year as well as family anecdotes. In container with: Our Town by Thornton Wilder.

    Conan Doyle, read by Mary Able- white, 1 C. Scott Fitzgerald.

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    Stockton, read by Francine Rosenthal, 1 C. Jacobs, read by Mary Ablewhite, 1C. Scott Fitzgerald, read by Nita Elliot, 1C.