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It Anderssen -Maet 21 only remains for someone t suggest odds of queen's rook and queen's knight. It would still be mate!

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GameS We revert now to Anderssen and one of his greatest chess frends-ad Mayet born 1 -who was one of the group of seven Berlin masters known as 'The Pleiades'. Anderssen and Mayet used to visit one another in Berlin and Breslau and they must have played hundreds of light-heated games together. Their last meeting was in Breslau in August, 1 , ad the following game is possibly the last they ever played. It is an exhibition of glo rious skittles, not to be judged by the standads of tournaent chess. At te fnish Mayet is tee pieces up, with his king mated on c 1.

Ste initz also tried out tis move-as one might expect-as well as 5. Ob jectively speaing, it is probably un sound, but it creates many practica difculties for Black. Seventy yeas later a simila state of affairs arose as follows: Vecsey-Nagy, Budapest 1 1 c4 e5 2lc3 f5 3 e f6 4 exfS d6 5 g4 hS 6 g5 g8 7.

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In order to have any chance, he must break opn te position before Black can mobilise his dormant kingside pieces. The black pawns are potentially quite dangerous, and already he seems to be threatening B He should have taken te chance to de velop a kingside piece. After 1 9. I White has worked up quite a da gerous initiative, but the impending.

The move played aims to activate the f3-knight, but it has a fatal tactical flaw. Had Black played However, by playing Black would theaten both. The move played is less clear-cut.

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I Black stats to go astray; after If Why did tese gorgeous opportunities always hap pen to Anderssen? Anderssen -Mayet 23 Possibly shocked by the previous move, Black recklessly exposes his king. Tournament chess is made of sterner stuff and only occasionally produces the really big king-hunt; nevertheless most of the games to come are tournament games. The next is a historic one which played a decisive pat in the great intera tional congress at Baden-Baden in 1 This was a double-round toua ment of nine heavyweights.

When his last round gae against Louis Paulsen-ne of the greatest of al defensive players-bgan to 24 Gae 9 look drawish, Anderssen cheerflly stake his chances of fst prize on a in tuitive sacrfce of the exchange, and won. But what pleased h most, no doubt, wa his cracking pai of wins against Steinit, who had recenty defeated him in match play for te World Chapi onship.

Pursuit (King Hunt)

Bot gaes were very fne, but in te second one Steinit was made to sufer as few World Champions have ever done. He had to watch helplessly while his king performed a lively dance over fourteen of the sixteen squaes in his quater of the boad with the old asassin fom Breslau shooting at hs feet all te way. After 2. The most active defence is 2.

The theme of Anderssen's move is to play the solid. J f4 d6 4 f 6 5 3c4 c6 Other moves commonly played here ae 5. An derssen selects an elastic pawn for mation, for which both he and Steinitz had a predilection. Steinitz commonly used it, for instance, on the white side of the Ruy Lopz. He could have continued to build up wit 6 d3. White intended to step up the pressure on Black's weak a-pawn by. Instead, Black panics and offers a piece sacrifce. Accepting the ofer is bt bt he could also have played safe with 20 bxa3.

I Black then continued with How ever, Steinitz tended to accept any sacrifce which was not obviously sound ad a few which were. D The bst practical chance of con fsing the issue. Again the best move, gaining a usefl tempo. W5 J Not bad, but a simpler line wa Steinit de cides on a policy which was to win or save many a diffcult game for him later in his caeer-to retu some of his winnings.

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Nevertheless, in this cae it is a serious mistake. After 25 J! Black's position collapses, since Jxd3 loses to D 26 Gae 9 All pat of the typical Steinitz de fensive scheme. He intends to swap off the dangerous knight, but A derssen seizes the opportunity to tu te tables. Zb8II Thus Anderssen fnally achieves his long-range object of outfanking the stranded king on the queenside and now, absolutely in his element, follows up the attack wit blow aer blow.

Or if 31 lxd4, Black simply takes the other knight, winning easily. White cannot reply J gJ f4I The sae move is still playable. W h6 f 41 Wc4 Steinitz has somehow managed to conjure up a double threat of his own: 42 'i xf or 42 Wxb3. But his suferings are not yet over. Game 10 Another of the game's most famous players now appears as victim of the hunt. Tarrasch was in fact not yet twenty yeas of age. He reappas a the hunter in a famous chase in Game Frt Riemann bor wa only three years older than Tar asch, who fa outstripped him as a player in later yeas. In the present gae, however, Riemann certainly shows to great advantage.

J lf d6 4 cJ Equally playable is 4 lc3, a line in which White has the option of eliminating the black bishop by la4. In the present case it would seem to achieve little, since Black has al ready exchanged his light-squaed bishop, but in fact it works out very well. At move 13 White has aready moved ever pawn. When this bishop goes to g6 there will b an immediate threat of.

Black just manages to stave of the worst, helped by the fact that Riemann has not catled, ad so has to spend a move mobilising his other rook. He gives analysis to show that the black king could have weathered the storm and that when the immediate kingside treats had subsided he could have ten over the initiatve; but tis sor of thing is not so easy to see in the heat ofbattlespcially for a teen- ager. W 1g7 Tarasch pointed out that by in terplatng The tempting 28 :h7 on the other hand would have ben a blunder: White has a deci sive attack.

Tarasch sees it Riemann - Tarrch 29 and gives up his queen instead, re maining indeed with two rooks for the queen, only to succumb to the big kng-hunt. J 26 When one's king is a expsed a this, a queen is a much deadlier en emy tha two roks, espcially with a bishop and advaced pawns to pro vide suppor.

go to site The non-check ing move shows the master-had, as usual. Tarasch generously included this gae in his own collection Drihu dert Schachparien. Gae 11 Visits to Europe by America chess players in the 19th centur were ex temely rae. One of them was te ent of Peston Ware i te Venna Tou naent of This wa one of the stongest metngs ever, wit eighten of the world's best players in a double-round touraent.

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Wae would amost cerainly have fnished in lat place but for te fact that two players withdrew at the halfway pint ad defaulted all te rest of their games. However, he ha the consolation of a win aganst te World Chapion who also won te tour naent ad he must cerainly also have enjoyed te following gae. It was with this same pet opening that Ware succeeded in winning a maa thon game aganst Steinitz. Wae used to tackle the problem methodically, playing the bishop outside the pawn chain through the one gap which re mains-to h4.

First he gatuitously exchanges of the one which was a key defender at f6; now he starts a pointless raid with the other one. The threat of. He would have been wiser to play this reman ing knight across to the deserted kingside. Wc7 17 tg5 The fortress of the black king is now certain to be destroyed.