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Contracts were awarded in September, 30 days after JCS approval.

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During the latter part of information was received that Colonel Robert D. Terry would arrive in January to create a signal brigade.


Brigade Planning Group. Colonel Terry and staff of several officers arrived in January and began the planning on a Signal Brigade. The initial plan was that this new commander would be responsible for all communications in Vietnam. They wore fatigues and combat boots. This view only lasted a few weeks when it became very apparent that Colonel Terry and his planning staff were all outstanding officers and well qualified. Each Thursday I gave a two to three hour briefing to Colonel Terry on the installation progress and problems of the previous week.

The 1st Signal Brigade was activated in Saigon on 1 April This was a memorable week. Not only was the Brigade activated but I was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel three days later. Another Special Event. After the call was completed, Colonel Terry told us that we had to return to Saigon the next morning. What was all of this about? We then had a wonderful dinner and the team returned to Saigon the next morning. Original Units. Blackwell began to arrive in Vietnam in February The 39th was the first major Signal unit to arrive in Vietnam The mission of the 39th was to operate the Back Porch system, all telephone systems and communications message centers in Vietnam.

The major units of the 39th were the nd Signal Company in the Saigon and Mekong Delta areas, the th Signal Company in Da Nang and the nd Signal Company which operated all of the long-lines tropo scatter systems through out Vietnam from their headquarters in Nha Trang.

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Moran began to arrive in Vietnam in May Pelland arrived together with the rd Signal Company. The 39th Signal Battalion was assigned to the 2nd Signal Group. The nd Signal Company was also assigned to the 2nd Signal Group to operate all of the long-lines tropo scatter systems. The 11th was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jerry J.

THE SIGNAL CORPS FIGHTS - Top Secret Communications ..... (Part 1)

The 69th took over all local communications support in the Saigon-Long Binh area. Two additional signal companies were attached to the 69th, the rd Signal Company which provided communications support in the Saigon area and the th Signal Company which had the capability to install large fixed cable systems. Additional References. This description of the 1st Signal Brigade covered the period through the end of For a more detailed description of Communications Electronics in Vietnam read;.

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Southeast Asia. And a good ca ndidate f01". Washington, D. OF COM. I ONS. Communication s Ba ckgrollr ld and Initial Buildup. Long - Lint s Systems: Ba c k Por ch. C o ntrol. Commrmi c ations. Satellite Communi c ations Come 10 Viel1lam S ys tem Pr oblems, Fu rther P lans, and Control. Th e 2r1 Signal Grollp Arrives.

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Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Communications

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