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Lebron James. New Album.

Review: Danny McMahon Releases The Brand New EP ‘Boys Cry Too’! – Fierce & Fabulous Revolution

Nittys Knocker. Que4 Radio. More recently, her canvas has grown upward. Last year, she made waves, literally, at New York City's Madison Square Park with "Red, Yellow and Blue," which created enclosures with three curvy walls made of recycled lobster line on steel frames.

At Hermann Park, "Boys Cry Too" has been in place only a few weeks but weeds already are poking through the links, a reminder of nature's persistence. Ribbons of primary blue, yellow and red snake through irregularly shaped forms in lavender, green, orange and turquoise, laying a kind of Abstract Expressionist gesture on the earth.

It takes on another layer of poetry if you stand on the bridge above the concrete-lined bayou and observe all the catfish wiggling and winding their way through the water. At Anya Tish Gallery, the large photographs of Daniela Edburg's "Killing Time" exhibit employ knitting and crochet more ominously, often as mysterious objects in settings where human figures participate in unsettling narratives.

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In the title image, a woman in a rocking chair knits a gray cozy for an unexploded bomb that's jutting from the grass near her feet in a serene prairie. The backward-glancing girl on her hands and knees in "The Interruption" suggests Winslow Homer's "Christina," only Edburg's figure is surrounded by a tangle of tentaclelike knitted roots. It's your call whether she's emerging from the ground or being swallowed by it. I realized that in relationships, one of the most important factors is communication and expressing oneself. I cannot tell you how many times I have cried in front of my brother or my best friends.

When I look at the picture of Jordan and Cooglar, I get a sense of pride and love.

No 2 Toxic Masculinity, Boys Cry Too -- Women's Long-Sleeve

They are posing exactly how I would with my brother or close friends. That picture screams the love that one friend has for another. Every time I talk with my brother Brent, Chris, or any of my close male friends, I tell them I love them. Rapper Tony Yayo once said,. We as men need to shake these asinine and outdated shackles of gender norms. There is nothing wrong with showing emotion, expressing to your homeboy how much you mean to him, and even crying in front of him. It is healthy, mature, and normal. In over , men died due to heart failure, and keeping emotions bottled up inside is a big part of that.

Pawan Tojitha - Boys Cry Too (Official Audio)

We should not be passing this poisonous behavior on to the next generation. Emotionally healthy men express themselves in a constructive way. They do not look at being in touch with their feelings as being effeminate nor gay bash other men that are.

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They do not participate in self-harming behavior such as mutilation or abuse drugs and alcohol. Our responsibility as fathers, older brothers, mentors, and role models is to show our youth a better way of doing things. We can teach them that there is nothing wrong with displaying vulnerability and sadness. Doing so does not equate into weakness, but strength. Today, men and masculinity is changing and it needs to be.

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We as men need to evolve to a higher plane, to higher beings. Part of that evolution is being able to express our feelings openly without shaming ourselves, others and being attacked for it.

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I have three beautiful nephews and I want them to know that they can come to me about anything. I am not going to judge who they are or how they act in front of me. I want them to be still and secure in themselves. I want my nephews to know that sometimes the only thing a man can do is cry. Heck, I may cry with them! LeRon L. In his spare time, LeRon mentors young men in San Francisco and loves to backpack around the world. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.