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It seems short. I think the whole thing about pets dying s-s-sucks! Poor kid's bawling her eyes out now.

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LOUIS folds her into his arms and she hugs him tightly, wanting his comfort. God, I suppose. But he's not God's cat! He's my cat! Let God get His own, if He wants one!

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Not mine! An oblong shaft of light falls on her, illuminating her more clearly. She's asleep with her teddy encircled by one arm and her thumb corked into her mouth.


Poor kid. That creepy cemetery up in the woods. Whatever disease the kids in this town have got, I don't want Ellie to catch it. Here she is thinking Church is going to die. LOUIS slowly puts his notebook aside and caps his pen. Church is not going to die today, or tomorrow-- Never mind. I can see you don't have the slightest idea what I'm talking about.

She stalks to the bathroom, which adjoins. LOUIS follows. She goes in and slams the door. He goes for the knob. LOUIS stares at the door, bewildered and upset. Now he scoops up a handful and throws them.

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  • Eggs on the serving plate of toast. LOUIS comes in, wearing a sport-coat and slacks, ready for his first day on the job Emily Post is going to be beyond him for a few years. He waows unhappily. What if he dies? Where'd you hear that? And she says it's a operation!

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    • She turns her head slightly so he gets her cheek instead. She's still mad. Now do you understand what you did? Church is not going to die. Crandall says, the road's a lot more dangerous than the operation. Church will be just the same.

      Well--almost the same--and we won't have to worry about him getting turned into catburgers by one of those damn Orinco trucks. At this RACHEL tightens up still more in that funny way--she's actually angered by LOUIS'S reference to catburgers--but under the anger we sense she is deeply shocked, as a prudish woman might be shocked by a dirty joke. Ellie, clear your place.

      ELLIE goes slowly back to the table. What if school here isn't like in Chicago! I'm scared and I want to go h-h-home! ELLIE bursts into loud tears and puts her hands over her face. Now you can be excused. Go and wash your face. Give the little girl her promise. I promise. She runs off, cheered up. Only if some- thing should go wrong while he's under the gas--it's a one-in-a-thousand shot, but it happens--you explain to her.


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      He gets up and leaves the table. She looks after him, stunned and a little frightened. He picks up a large glob of scrambled eggs from his tray and throws it in the direction of the cat-carrier. Scrambled eggs hit the mesh, driving him back, surprised. ELLIE runs toward it across the lawn, with her lunch-box. GAGE Bye-bye! The red flashers go out and the bus pulls away.


      LOUIS comes out with a heavy briefcase in one hand and the cat-carrier in the other. He opens the wagon's doorgate. A rather sour-looking middle-aged woman gets out and crosses the front of her car. Her color is bad. She looks at the cat-carrier.

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      Thank you, Missy, for introducing that colorful phrase into my daughter's vocabulary. She opens the passenger side door of her car and we see a big neat pile of folded sheets. She reaches for them, then winces and presses her hands against her midriff for a moment, as if with an attack of indigestion.

      They always do. She starts toward the house with the sheets. LOUIS appears to consider this seriously for a moment They kiss. I was a little worried there. Have a great first day at school, doc. No broken bones. They are all yelling at each other not to joggle him, not to drop him. A small knot of horrified college kids moves with the bearers.

      Fixed eyes stare. Half of his head has been shattered inward. Before the catastrophe he was a husky male of about twenty.